As a holistic method to promote health, yoga has a variety of benefits, for example such as

- Intensifying the sensitivity of the body

Encouraging mobility, strength and endurance

Loosening tension

Improving posture

Easing discomfort

Stimulating blood circulation and digestion

Reinforcing the immune system

Developing a conscious ‘long’ breath

Preventing or delaying common symptoms of old age

Experiencing more serenity and calm/peace

Increasing well-being and joy of life

The healing properties of yoga are undisputed, receive full medical recognition and are acknowledged by health insurances as a preventive measure. Most (German) health insurances grant a refund for the course fee (80%) every year by given a regular attendance.

Please note: Yoga is a holistic method to boost physical, spiritual and psychological health. However, the practice of yoga does not substitute necessary medical or psychotherapeutic treatment and the participation is based on self-responsibility.